Illustration featuring a catheter and an anatomical representation of the human cerebrovascular system.


Three-panels feature endovascular thrombectomy model created by the lab
Endovascular thrombectomy model created by the lab.

The TNT Lab provides services to researchers and industry partners involved in development of new techniques and technological platforms for endovascular surgery. The lab custom designs and uses a variety of preclinical models for hypothesis-driven research and technology testing.

Testing and Validation Services

Our lab provides a complete spectrum of services designed for testing and validation of devices using a combination of ex-vivo and in-vivo platforms. These services can be employed by researchers as well as industry partners interested in device development and commercialization.

The lab's services include:

  • Construction of patient-specific anatomical models
  • Animal modeling of vascular pathologies
    • Swine (large vessel occlusion, pulmonary embolism, peripheral nerve stimulation, middle meningeal artery embolization)
    • Rabbit (large vessel occlusion, aneurysm)
  • Cadaveric testing
    • Whole human brain (large and medium vessel occlusion, aneurysm)
    • Whole human head-and-neck (large and medium vessel occlusion, aneurysm, middle meningeal artery embolization, AVM)
  • Biplane fluoroscopy with DSA
  • 3D reconstruction angiography (3DRA)
  • Engineering testing
    • Tensile
    • Compression
    • Customized testing of device-tissue interaction

To find out more about our services, discuss your particular needs, or initiate a request for service, contact the lab.